About paulstrait

L. Paul Strait is an assistant professor of communication studies and director of forensics at the University of Southern Mississippi. His research interests include the rhetoric and sociology of science, applied (informal) epistemology, psychiatric nosology, visual rhetoric, argumentation theory, and social theory (especially as developed by the Frankfurt School).

About Me

Ph.D. in Communication at the University of Southern California, 2014

Curriculum Vitae

Research interests: Argumentation/Controversy, Habermas, Medical Humanities, Pharmaceutical Marketing, Psychiatric Diagnosis/Nosology, Psychosis Risk Syndrome, Risk Society

I have taught the following courses:

University of Southern Mississippi

  • CMS 320H: Business and Professional Communication

University of Southern California

  • PUBD 508: The Rhetoric of War and Peace
  • COMM 370: The Rhetoric of Ideas: Ideology & Propaganda
  • COMM 322: Argumentation & Advocacy
  • COMM 302: Persuasion
  • COMM 301: Quantitative Research Methods
  • COMM 204: Public Speaking

George Mason University

  • COMM 362: Mass Media & Public Policy
  • COMM 300: Foundations of Public Communication
  • COMM 250: Empirical Research Methods